Conception means ...

To us, conception comprises the set of objectives as well as its derived strategies and measures for the implementation of a significant and therefore strategically planned project. The introduction of a learning management system (LMS) in a company or institution is an important project that requires an integrated approach and is to be planned strategically.

For this reason, we include in our concept development activities all necessary information and justifications as well as a risk and opportunity assessment measures, a time and measures plan and thorough resource planning.

Introduction of ILIAS

We accompany our customers in planning the commissioning of ILIAS. In joint workshops, we analyse the existing processes and elaborate a proposal to illustrate these processes by using ILIAS. We prepare the embedding of ILIAS in the existing IT infrastructure and, thanks to our many years of expertise, we can point out potential obstacles at a very early stage. We bring in our experience not only in the integration of user directories such as Active Directory or LDAP, but also in the integration of course management systems or SAP. To follow up after the workshops, our customers receive a detailed specification for the introduction of ILIAS. The implementation can be commissioned or carried out by the customer himself.

Training and further education

During workshops, we develop a concept for the qualification measures of the employees together with our customers. Thereby, customers benefit from our many years of experience in process management and employee qualification.

By analysing the existing processes and needs, we can show which processes have to be introduced additionally in order to guarantee a successful and long-term training of all employees.

Central processes for the introduction of employee qualification measures are:

Target group(s)

  • Registration of a new target group

Educational needs

  • Creation of competency profile for each target group
  • Identification of educational needs (derived from the competences required)
    • Creation of training offers
    • Creation of training plans
  • Determination of the content of the specific training offerings
  • Course content creation
  • Identification of future competencies or educational needs

Training plan / implementation

  • Do the training planning
  • Carry out / complete the training

Evaluation and revision

  • Evaluation of the employee’s trainings per target group

In the following document, you will find details on the conceptual services:

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