Plugin SLA

We love and live the philosophy of open source software! Most of our developments, which we develop for customers or on our own initiative, are accessible to the public under

We offer stability in the use of ILIAS plugins to all ILIAS community members independently of the fact if we are responsible for their ILIAS maintenance. It does not matter if we have developed the plugin or a third-party.

With our SLA we guarantee you…

  • ...that your plugins will be available also after a new ILIAS release.
  • ...that we will continuously update your plugins to new technological circumstances
  • ...that we will have tested your plugins and provide them to you for your desired upgrade date to a new ILIAS version

Additional and optional, we guarantee…

...possible bug fixing for your specific application


Below you can find two examples for the Plugin SLA

example 1 - studer + raimann ag Community Plugins

  • CtrlMainMenu
  • Subscription
  • LiveVoting

3 Community Plugins, bundle price
SLA-Level 2
630.- EUR / year excl. VAT
756.- CHF / year excl. VAT


example 2 - 3rd-Party-Plugins

  • REST

SLA-Level 2
1680.- EUR / year excl. VAT
2016.- CHF / year excl. VAT