ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V. association

The ILIAS open source eLearning e.V. association ensures the sustainability of the software you are using. And it ensures transparency.

  • Strategic development of ILIAS
  • Coordination of software development
  • Process design, quality control
  • Community events such as the Development Conference
  • Presentation of the software
  • Release management, bug tracking, coordination of the documentation

Association Membership

As a public or private organization that uses ILIAS, you can become an institutional member of the association. Your advantages include:

  • Stronger integration into product development and community
  • Decide on the development of ILIAS in the Advisory Board
  • Independence of the software
  • Co-decision at annual general assembly
  • Reduced entrance fee for all members at the ILIAS Conference
  • Use of the club ECS
  • Exchange of experiences with other users and experts
  • Find partners for funding
  • 5% discount on all development services of studer + raimann ag

Website ILIAS association

SwissOpen Systems User Group /ch/open

Since its founding in 1982, the independent Swiss Open Systems User Group fosters the promotion of open and free systems. The focus of the activities is training and information exchange among the members.

Website /ch/open (in German) - ICT Cluster Bern, Switzerland is a federation of companies, training institutes, associations and authorities with the aim of strengthening ICT in the Bern economic region. The active network consists of over 200 members from the ICT sector – service providers as well as end users.

Focus of

  • Organization of “World of Work”, Teacher Association (OdA)
  • Location promotion
  • Experience exchange/know-how transfer
  • Initial and continuing education
  • Internationalization
  • InfoSocietydays
  • Networking

Website - ICT Cluster Bern, Switzerland (in German)