Generally speaking, E-learning stands for the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) as well as computer-based collaboration methods for training purposes. But E-learning is more! As a strategically important key competitive factor, E-learning is essential for effective and successful personnel as well as corporate development.

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studer + raimann ag focuses on conceptual, technical, and didactic support to its customers in the implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS). As the first ISO 9001:2008 certified full-service provider of the open source software ILIAS we offer all services related to ILIAS, both as single modules or as all-in-one package: consulting, conceptional design, software development, hosting, support, and training.

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We leverage our expertise for ILIAS software, ILIAS add-ons (plugins), and open source apps. With ILIAS, you will profit of all the advantages an open source software can offer: one-off expense for development, diverse and multiple fields of application. Cost of development and maintenance can be shared thanks to the fact that the core software already contains all central functions.

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Neugründung der fluxlabs ag durch Martin Studer


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